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About ESOY

Established in 1910, The Engineering Society of York (ESOY) was originally created to exchange thoughts and ideas on technical articles but quickly grew into an organization which promotes the engineering industry, while also providing support to York County students who wish to pursue a career in engineering. Today the society is comprised of over 100 members who can participate in monthly tours of local companies and lectures delivered by key individuals of the industry and community. Additionally, our members enjoy the annual oyster feed, golf outing, and banquet where sixteen scholarships are awarded to local students working towards a degree in engineering.

NOVEMBER 14, 2016
  • Johnson Controls new facility tour
  • The November meeting will be at the Johnson Controls Inc., SDC Project in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, at 5 pm.  The meeting is expected to include a presentation by staff from JCI and the contractors, followed by a tour of the ongoing construction of the Office and Laboratory buildings.This is an active construction site, and as such, all visitors must be wearing boots and long  pants.  In addition, all visitors must wear hard  hats, safety vests, and safety glasses (Personal Protection Equipment, or PPE)  Some of you may have your own PPE, so  please bring and  use it.  There will be a limited amount of spare hard  hats, safety vests, and safety glasses  that can be borrowed, but we need to have a count of how many of these will be needed. More details will be included in our next newsletter, however, please indicate your intention to attend this meeting before  noon, November 7, 2016 to Andy Zmoda. Andy can be reached by phone at 717-676-8922 or email  Also indicate if you will need to borrow any PPE.  We will try to accommodate all requests for PPE, but if the amount required exceeds that available, we may need to limit the number of attendees